Prevent the experimental implementation of contents related to human sexuality within the health education program.
Affect the implementation of an unsuccessful public policy of reproductive and sexual health and rights of youth that the Government of Croatia has been implementing for over two years.
Ensure the implementation of a single standardized education program on human sexuality based on scientific facts and in accord with international conventions and treaties.

Excerpts from the Experimental Health Education Program for primary and secondary schools offered by Association GROZD

Human sexuality and sexual education values supported by GROZD The values of human sexuality are love, restraint and faithfulness .

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Opinion about the Governmental Policy on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights of Children and Youth

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The Coalition currently consists of 171 organisations, mostly non-governmental organisations including four networks (The Coordination of Children's Associations, The Croatian Women's Network, The Croatian Youth's Network and The Coalition for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights) and 237 citizens of the Republic of Croatia. Additionally, five organisations and 97 citizens of the Republic have given their support to the Coalition's goals.
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